General FAQ

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General FAQ

Q: Where can I finish your nutritional/allergy information? 


A: You will find the link to our nutritional information below. On the last three pages you will also see a list of common allergies.   



Q: I am having trouble with the CSC Craving Credits app. 


A: Please visit our App Support FAQ. If you need further assistance, please contact our Guest Care Team here.



Q: Where can I find your menu with pricing?   


A: You can view our menu pricing for your local CSC at Chicken Salad Chick Menu. Our catering pricing can be viewed at Chicken Salad Chick catering menu.  



Q: How do I place a catering order? 


A: To place a catering order visit Chicken Salad Chick Catering or call our catering center directly at 1-833-MYCHICK.  



Q: How do I place an online order? 


A: To place an order through our online ordering system, please visit Chicken Salad Chick online ordering.



Q: I want to try a flavor before ordering. Is there any way I can try a sample first?


A: You are welcome to ask for a free sample of any flavor in our restaurants.



Q: Where is the restaurant located?   


A: If you go to our website, you can view and select your nearest Chicken Salad Chick – We’ve included a link below to our Store Locator.  


Chicken Salad Chick locations


Q: How can I submit a donation or sponsorship request? 


A: We recommend connecting with your local Chicken Salad Chick to submit a donation or sponsorship request. You can find your closest location using the link below. 

Chicken Salad Chick locations



Q: Do you ship your chicken salad?


A: We do not recommend shipping our product.



Q: I have an allergy that may be including in your secret seasoning. What are the ingredients of the secret seasoning?  


A: Our secret seasoning contains salt, onion, spices, dehydrated celery, corn oil, and garlic. the health of our guests is so important to us, we do not recommend consuming our product if you have an allergy that can be included in any seasoning mix. 


Q: How can I complete the survey from the bottom of my receipt? 


A: Please visit our survey site HERE and use the survey code listed at the 



Q: How do I request a refund for a mobile or online order? 


A: For orders placed through the Chicken Salad Chick Craving Credits app or online, refunds must be handled by the restaurant where the order was placed. To process your refund in a timely manner, please visit or contact the restaurant directly where you placed the order. 



Q: What do I do if my order is incorrect or if I am missing items from my order? 


A: Of you would like to request a refund because of an incorrect order or missing item, please contact the restaurant where you placed the order. 



Need more help?

  1. Contact our Guest Care Team here.






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